12 good reasons to drink coffee

drinking coffee is part of my ritual life forever. I always have a cup not too far from me. I drank it in all kinds of situations, from all kinds of restaurants or machines. I like to draw cups, I found this object very reassuring.

to make my first zine on this topic was natural. I wrote the content instinctively and all drawings are from my sketchbooks. suddenly, "12 reasons to drink coffee" was born!

it is a small book of 32 pages where I present a variety of reasons to drink coffee and I add personal comments about this ritual.

format: 10 cm x 8,5 cm, (4" x 3,25")
laser print on recycle paper, binding with staples, 32 pages

price: 6$ cad (Canada) shipping included

price: 8,50$ cad (International) shipping included

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